We seek a transportation system that fosters economic vitality, advances social equity, and improves the quality of life for all.

Intense change and uncertainty are driving innovation and organizations are hungry for solutions that help them meet the new paradigms. Eno’s reputation for independence and excellence gives us the ability to bring diverse stakeholders together for fruitful discussions of complex issues. Eno helps people and organizations create connections with other modes and industries – and not just within the standard transportation silos.

Our focus is not just on the mechanics of transportation, but how it can be leveraged to contribute to broader societal goals, from mitigating climate change to encouraging economic development.


Eno’s combination of policy research and analysis and professional and organizational development programs doubles our impact. We study critical issues in transportation, providing recommendations and analyses that shape solutions and inform decision-making. Then, through our education and training programs, we are able to facilitate moving from ideas to “boots on the ground” implementation. Our professional development programs bring together the leading experts across all modes of transportation and builds a more informed workforce, ready to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

As an independent nonprofit organization, Eno relies on a broad base of support to ensure no one person or organization can have an outsized influence. Because of the support of our members and program participants, we can maintain our rigorous research process, independent editorial voice, and innovative programming.

We thrive on debate.

It’s clear that the issues facing today’s transportation systems offer both opportunity and challenge. Through our ability to convene, Eno is uniquely positioned to help tackle the “knotty” problems and facilitate important, meaningful conversations that move the industry forward. We aren’t afraid to tackle the elephant in the room.

Our research and analyses are rigorous and objective.

Our professional development programs are challenging and transformational.

And we don’t do our work behind closed doors – we connect with and convene cross-sectional and diverse groups to inform our research and programming from beginning to end.

That’s where you come in.

As we move into our Centennial year, we are more focused than ever before on tackling the big issues in transportations with audacious solutions – but we need your support to make our vision a reality. Central to our work is our network of transportation professionals and thought leaders, like you, who provide us with invaluable ideas, energy, support, and trust.

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