Innovation is not optional

Intense change and uncertainty are driving innovation. The public health pandemic and its economic impacts have devastated the transportation sector and increased the pace of innovation. While automobile travel and goods movement show signs of recovery, aviation, public transit, and some shared mobility services are still reeling. Over the long term, the crisis may have lasting impacts on transportation if more people work from home, metropolitan economies decentralize, and travel is curtailed. Public agencies and private companies may downsize their workforce due to economic pressures. Silos across modes and sectors are crumbling and an increasing number of leaders are looking to learn from their peers, not just in their industry but across the transportation sector. Organizations are hungry for organization and talent development programs that help them meet the new paradigms.

That’s where Eno comes in – we enjoy a truly unique position as the hub of a network of multimodal transportation industry leaders and a solid reputation for credible, independent, and impactful work.

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